For the month of September, we are excited to partner with Haiti Partners to empower through education. Every 10 check-ins will help provide a day of school to a child in Haiti.

Haiti Partners’ mission is to help Haitians change Haiti through education. They currently run one flagship school, partner with six more. Over 25 years of in-country experience has shown that the most fertile terrain for sustainable change in Haiti is through a high quality, community-based education that teaches students and parents active learning strategies and prepares them to be agents of change in their community and country.

If you want to learn more about Haiti Partners, you can check them out at

Check in at Colonial Park UMC on Facebook (or tag our location on Instagram) using this month’s hashtag, and for every ten, we will be providing a day of school for a child through Haiti Partners.  The hashtag this month is #school4kids.

Thanks for checking in to help change Haiti through education!

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