Colonial Park has a team of 10 headed to León, Nicaragua in June to work with El Ayudante.  El Ayudante is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to partnering with the Nicaraguan people to transform the nation—one child, one family, and one community at a time.

We understand that everyone may not be able to commit to be a part of the team or hop on a flight to Nicaragua, but we can all partner together to support the work of this team sent on our behalf to be the hands and feet of Christ.  This week, you can take part in this mission by purchasing a commemorative bottle of drinking water for $50.  You may buy as many as you feel led or you may simply make any monetary contribution that your are led to make.  The team has a goal of $5,000 to purchase all of the water filters, food bags, hygiene kits, and art supplies for the work ahead.

Be sure to keep your bottle in a prominent place so that it will be a reminder to pray for our mission team, El Ayudante, and the people of Nicaragua.

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