The Gathering

Come As You Are!

Each week, lives are touched and renewed as people participate in the unique and exciting experience of praise, music, and friendship.  This is The Gathering!  Our mission is to creatively communicate the refreshing spirit of Christ, the truth of His word, and the difference living for Him can make in our lives.

What The Gathering Is

The Gathering is a community of faith seeking to impact, encourage and develop relationships with Jesus Christ.  We meet for worship every Sunday at 9:30 am in the gym at Colonial Park Church at the corner of Park and Estate.  The worship experience provides a focused, “life application” message with spiritual solutions to help navigate life and help get you through every day. Worship also includes a praise band to better encourage worshipful praise of God.  The songs are intentionally selected to enhance the message and often include the wisdom and beauty of old familiar hymns. It is for EVERYONE in our community of all sizes, shapes, colors, and outlooks to not only help bring ALL ages together in worship but to also promote community & church family.  You can come as you are and ALWAYS be welcomed.  The Gathering is not just a worship experience but rather the building and development of a new faith community which meets people and unconditionally accepts people as they are and where they are.

Lots of Hungry People: Takin’ It to the Streets

The Gathering Faith Community of Colonial Park, immediately following the worship service at 9:30 am each Sunday, prepares lunches and takes them into the community for people who are very, very hungry. Some of the friends served are truly homeless and others are day laborers who struggle feeding themselves and their families. The 40+ lunch bags that are packed include food that may be eaten all at once or portions of it saved for the evening and next day. Hispanic and English Bibles are made available as well. The Gathering Faith Community works toward building relationships during that time. Prayer is a big part of this Faith Community and is taken very seriously. Many prayer requests come through knowing these individuals served. When members of the team realize there is a substance abuse concern with individuals and the individuals ask for help with that or getting off the street, the Faith Community is able to provide resources, moral support, and other information to aid them in the process. In the midst of serving and blessing the individuals they meet, the folks who are making lunches, “Takin’ it to the Streets” and building relationships are truly blessed themselves many times over. They are not only blessed by those on the street but also by working side by side with others who have a heart for helping and serving their neighbors. “We see the face of Jesus in their eyes and pray they see Him in ours.”

Praise, Worship, Fellowship: this is The Gathering

When: Every Sunday morning at 9:30 am – check us out on Facebook.  Any changes in the calendar or new events are always posted there.  Become a FAN!

The Gathering

Where God meets us as we are without the formalities