Go beyond to lead people of a hurting world into new life through Jesus Christ.

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We strive to be known as loving to our neighbors and faithful in exercising our faith, especially right here in the heart of East Memphis. Whether serving in our neighborhood schools or hosting community events, our overarching desire is to lead people of this hurting world into new life through Jesus Christ. We would love for you to experience new life through Christ and be a part of what we are up to! We offer our church as your future faith home.

Our Pastor

Rev. Dr. Jathaniel Cavitt
I am so grateful that you have taken a moment to explore our virtual space. We are a congregation of Jesus followers seeking to lead people of a hurting world into new life through Jesus Christ. Now that may be a mouthful, but we mean it. Following Jesus means living your life in His ways, and when you do that, you will find that it unlocks a whole new level to this life you have been given. But it can’t be done on your own. Following Jesus isn’t a solo act; it takes a band. We look forward to supporting you in living that kind of life. We can’t wait for you to experience that kind of living!

Leadership Team

News & Noteworthy Events

We are blessed to be a part of this service to our community. We serve our neighborhood & our Memphis neighbors by distributing a 2 week supply of food to those who need it. This is a partnership with the Mid-South Food Bank. This time is near & dear to our hearts because we love getting to know YOU!

In need of food? Come on by! We are at 5330 Park Avenue, Memphis 38119. We have food on the 1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month. We begin serving at 10 am and close at 1 pm. The car line forms on Park Avenue and goes east towards Ridgeway Road. Please note, the line begins forming before we open.

Want to serve your neighbors? We always need more hands to help distribute food. Please email for more information on where to sign-up. This is a great way to bless & be blessed, and get to know your neighbors.

Can’t serve but want to contribute? Did you know that we purchase the food we distribute from the Mid-South Food Bank? We purchase tons (literally) of food for pennies on the dollar to feed from 200-400 people each time we are here. How do we continue to do it week after week? Only because of people like you, with caring hearts, giving to the mission. If you would like to donate, please contact the church office at 901-683-5286 or give online here.

Thank you for being our partners, our prayer warriors & the hands & feet of Jesus!

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Traditional Worship @ 9 am

Sunday School/Classes @ 10 am

Casual Worship @ 11 am

Services stream live Sunday mornings at 11:00 am on Facebook or YouTube